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I started a new job and I need a mouspad. I love it. 😍👏🏾🙏🏾 Duckie is adorable. Only thing I wish is just for the ergonomic wrist bump with it too. It would fit the theme as a duck belly.

OMG! That is an amazing idea!!! Writing it down right now!!!! Thank you!

IT IS THE BEST 😍🥺😭 I have so many stickers and I have always been too anxious to use them so now I have this to us. I just started putting some of mine in today and I can't wait to decorate it and show it off and give some to friends if they want because they will stay sticky. 😍👏🏾 Thank you for this.

No, thank you for all of these beautiful reviews that you took the time out of your day to write. Truly making my day!

Adorable and super colorful. This sticker is also another one I may snag again when I can.

This baby lives on my doorframe and is adorable. It definitely stays hanging so strong magnet. I want another of this too 🤣🥰😍

It is 2 stickers a star and the ramen. I have the ramen on my work computer because it is just so retty and I might get another one 🤣👏🏾🥰

I think I bought this for someone else but its so cute I wanna keep it 😍🥺🙏🏾 I saw the message and my heart felt warm.

More mushroom 🍄 frogs and in a sticker sheet form is amazing. 😍🙏🏾👏🏾 They are just as colorfilled as the picture.

One of my friends loves frogs and fantasy so this mushroom 🍄 frog with a message was perfect and the art is insanely adorable.

ahhhh! I'm so glad!! Thank you for the review 🎀🩷🎀

Love my new stickers 🥰

I ordered several stickers for my birthday. Unfortunately to no fault of the business own my package was lost in the mail. Danyel was so kind and followed up with me and replaced my order with extra sticker added to the new order. The stickers are so cute and the customer service was great.

oh no I didn't know you got them for your birthday too! Now I'm extra sorry they lost your first package I'm so happy you love the new package though and the extra goodies!

Love the stickers. They're really cute and unique.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad they made it to you safe and that you love them!!!


My daughter ordered it and she’s 10 so tbh I didn’t even want or use it.

Love These Super cute icons 💖🌸

These new icons are so freaking cute. I love them so much. I would definitely recommend 4 out of five stars. If I had to complain about something. My only complaint was that the instructions on how to change the icons on the iPhone, not clear enough or useful so I had to go and look for my own instructions but other than that, once you get the hang of it, your phone will be transformed. It’s so cute 🥰

Thank you for such an honest review! I'll definitely go over my iphone installation instructions and see how I can make them clearer for the future. Thank you so much!!!!

So adorable!

these might be the cutest stickers i’ve ever purchased, at least until the next order. also, all the personal touches added to the order made me feel seen and appreciated! i’ll definitely be back! ☺️

(the pic is of the cute freebie stickers that were a total surprise!)

So sorry I'm late replying but thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to leave me such a sweet message on my shop! Means the world to me!

The cutest theme

Love the theme super cute, I like the colors and the aesthetic that comes with it especially the app designs it’s too adorable, definitely would recommend to friends who like the y2k bright color aesthetics

Thank you soooo so much for the review!!! It means so much to me!


These are quite literally the cutest keychains and I don’t usually like a keychain but I could not pass these up. The bow and star are just so cute!

Thank you soooooo much for such a beautiful review!


It’s so easy to snuggle up and be a couch potato! This print is a fun reminder to get up and get work done…like a productive potato 😁

Thank you so much for the review!! It's much appreicated!

Bright and Beautiful

This print is exactly as pictured! It’s amazing how bright and colorful it is 💕

Thank you so much for your review! And I'm sorry this took me a while to answer

Spooky Season Potatoes | Sticker Pack
Potatoes? Halloween? What's Not to Love?!

These Potatoes are just the cutest, as is everything from Create-O Potatoe!

Let me thank you! For always showing up to every shop update!!!!! You are so awesome!

NIGHSHIFT | sticker, prints & bundles
Carlear Miller
One of my favorite

So cute and amazing quality

So glad!!! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review!!! It means so much to me!

Not only did these decals come with a cute little handwritten thank you note, she also included a bonus sticker I didn't order that is just the cutest. 10/10 will order again.

Thank you so much! I'm so freakn glad that you loved your sticker!!❤️

Too cute! Great quality decals!

Thank you so much!!!

This is one of the artist's original characters, I just bought her on a whim but I'm obsessed. She's going on my coffee tumbler so I can look at her every day.

Omg thank you so much! This makes me want to draw more Luna Lemon!!!

These decals are BEAUTIFUL! And SUCH GOOD QUALITY! I will absolutely be buying more. 😍💗

Your reviews are so precious! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review my products. It means the world!

POTATOE BREAD | sticker pack
Gabrielle Cassell

POTATOE BREAD | sticker pack

Thank you so much for the rating!


Love the vibrant colours and art! The quality of my keychains and stickers are top notch. Very well made, and you can feel the love & effort put into each individual product! Will definitely be ordering again

Thank you so much! This review means the world to me!