Their Story

Dry humor and a cup of coffee is often how our little bear here gets their work done and can pass by a day. Though their demenor may seem a bit stand offish, they are the friendliest friend you'll ever have. They're loyal and dedicated, they just have a static face. The best friend of Potatoe, you can often find Sarcastic Bear not too far away (since Potatoe is so clingy). Most of the time, if you do spot Sarcastic Bear, they'll be getting work done on their computer and staying inside (allergies suck). 
예술가의 정서적 여정 | 스티커 시트
예술가의 정서적 여정 | 스티커 시트
예술가의 정서적 여정 | 스티커 시트
예술가의 정서적 여정 | 스티커 시트
예술가의 정서적 여정 | 스티커 시트
예술가의 정서적 여정 | 스티커 시트
$6.00 USD
설명 아티스트로서 겪게 되는 감정의 롤러코스터를 구현하는 것입니다 😭 세부 ✨총 13개의 스티커 ✨5가지 감정...
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sticker sheet info

✨13 Stickers Altogether 
 ✨5 Different Emotions 
✨7 accent stickers 
✨ 1 Sticker Sign (yes the title is also a sticker!) 
 ✨White Border 
 ✨Vinyl-based stickers 
✨Size:6" x 4" 
✨Matte,UV protected, Waterproof, Doesn't Rub Off

packaged with the earth in mind

Packaged in biodegradable & recycled materials

please be advised

Actual colors may vary slightly due to screen display differences


More of Sarcastic Bear


Someone who loves purple is definitely going to make it their entire personality and that's Sarcastic Bear for ya! They love their share of purple, the hues, the subtlies, and how it perfectly accents the vibrant pink and golden yellows.