Their Story

Though a chonky potatoe, Productive Potatoe will always get the work done. Running on pure overactive imagination and inspiration, Potatoe always finds ways to bring happiness to an atmosphere while being productive! You may find them working on their laptop, exploring creative ideas, or making a cozy space for themselves to inspire!
청키 | 홀로그램 스티커
청키 | 홀로그램 스티커
청키 | 홀로그램 스티커
청키 | 홀로그램 스티커
$4.00 USD
설명 CHONKY는 2023년 8월 Potatoe Mail의 일부였습니다. 월간회원이시라면, 회원샵에서 이 스티커를 할인된 가격으로 구매하실 수 있습니다! 스티커 정보 ✨3.02" x...
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sticker Info

✨3.02" x 3.29" Holgraphic Sticker 
✨Rainbow border 
✨die-cut vinyl stickers 
✨waterproof, durable, & UV protected (up to 3 years)

packaged with the earth in mind

Packaged in biodegradable & recycled materials

please be advised

Actual colors may vary slightly due to screen display differences


More of Productive Potatoe


These simple yet vibrant pastel colors always keeps Potatoe on their feet and attentive when coming up with creative ideas. It also bounces off their personality perfectly. Where would they be without these productive colors!