What Is Sticker Mail?

Sticker Mail is mail that is PURELY STICKERS! Unless in a big order (including a gigantic order of stickers), sticker mail is sent in envelopes to save you shipping! That is why the shipping rate is lower than other packages. This also means that you don't recieve tracking.

HOWEVER! You can still choose to pay for regular shipping with tracking in which the shipping price will be calculated based off where you live. Please remember, I do not profit from either shipping.

Do You Sell Internationally?

Yes! We even ship to the UK now!

Do I Have To Pay Customs

Duties & Customs are collected when the international customer is in the checkout for a smoother process or no surprise collections.

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

Please allow up to 3 business days to process your order and up to 5 business days to completely ship your order. If your order is taking longer than that to update, please contact me immediately.


How Do I Get Notified About New Items?

Easy! Sign up to the newsletter to be among the first batch of people to find out when I drop new kawaii items!

Monitor | Screen Color Differences

I edit my photos to color match my products as closely as possible. However, every monitor/screen may show color and tempature of color differently. My entire color palette of artwork is always cool-toned so the color definitely may look off if your screen has a warm toned filter on.

Shipping Change | Package Stolen or Lost

Once I drop off orders at USPS, shipping until arrival is completely out of my control! Orders are shipped via First Class Mail which is the cheapest way to ship and does not come with insurance.

If your package is lost or stolen, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do, I also cannot offer any replacements as it was out of my control.

Who Do You Ship With?

Orders are shipped under USPS. Shipping is consistent except for the holidays, as USPS changes their policies and raising the prices during holidays.

How Much Is Shipping?

The cost of shipping medium to large orders is determined by weight and distance + the cost of packaging materials. Shipping will automatically calculate in your cart after inputting your mailing address. Please be aware that I make no profit through shipping as it is just the base rate provided by USPS per your address.

If you are purchasing a small order than can fit into a regular envelope, typically these are sticker only orders, your package is sent with stamp (please go read sticker mail and small packaging faq section).

Returns | Refunds

Unfortunately, I do not do returns, cancellations or refunds. However, in the event that something is wrong with your order, please contact me immediately so that we can rectify the situation! help@createopotatoe.com

Can I Recycle Your Packaging

Every package holds either a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle sticker or a card with the same information. Not ALL of my packaging is recyclable but I try my best to make everything as recycle as possible. And if any extra packaging is needed, it is reused packaging by me. Most of my packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

In the event that it is not, please reuse the materials! We're trying to save the earth here. ❤️

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Get Here?

For Domestic orders (in the US), please give 1-3 weeks (typically just up to 2 weeks max). For International orders, please give 4-6 weeks. It will most likely arrive before then, but there have been USPS delays recently.